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Nature, Contemplation and Curiosity

              Sequoias, giant redwoods and city highrises

Victoria's Giant Redwoods

Giant urban sequoias? Our investigation and interactive map
 of Sequoia trees that have been planted around Victoria, British Columbia
over the last 150 years or so.

This week's

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A weekly cartoon selected from "More Phisms"
in the Overlooked Creatures series.

cover of
              "It's Only Natural"

Sample Chapter of It's Only Natural

There's a whole lot more to consider
when it comes to Nature and the natural.
The first chapter of "It's Only Natural"
is available to start things off.

So many paths into the forest

Nature, science, language, values, feral beliefs...

Changing habitats, nature and humanity, feral hamsters...
from time to time, different topics will be linked here
for further discussion - seeking exploration and insight rather than dogmatic definition.
Because there's so much we don't know.

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